Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Bikey Tour Route

Hi folks!

We've had a request for some information on the route we have taken during our bikation. Well, we don't have one particular map, but will try with links to show you the route we are taking.

Day 1 - Rode from Spokane to Coeur D'Alene - 58.5 miles

Day 2 - Took a (free) Citylink Bus from Coeur D'Alene to Plummer, then rode along Highway 5 to St. Marie's. Then took the Old Milwaukee Road to The Big Eddy Resort near Calder. - 41.5 miles (half of it gravel)

Day 3 - Continued along the Old Milwaukee Road from Big Eddy's to through Calder, to Avery. 34 miles (all gravel)

Day 4 - Took a gravel road to the Pearson trailhead of the Route of Hiawatha, then rode to the East Portal of the Route of Hiawatha (ending in Montana!). Then took the North Pacific trail through Lookout Pass to Mullan. - 51 miles (all gravel)

Day 5 - Started on the Trail of CDA in Mullan, and rode to Harrison. - 58 miles

Day 6 - Continued on the Trail of CDA to Plummer, then took the bus back to Coeur D'Alene. - 22 miles

Day 7 - (Today!!!) We're hanging out in CDA. They have a street fair going on right now; vendors all over the place. Lots of artsy fartsy stuff. Woot!

Day 8 - Tomorrow will be the last of our tour. We're heading back to Spokane along the Centennial Trail. Then will drive back to Portland on Monday.

Hope these links give you some good info. You could also check out the towns on a Google Map... Gotta go - it's time for breakfast! =)

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