Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stay tuned.

This is a test.

Stop freaking out like you heard your teacher enthusiastically announce "Pop quiz!" over The Catcher in the Rye. Not that kind of test. It really will require little effort on your part. But I am asking for a little something... More on that later.

So here's the deal. We likey the bikey. We bikey on hills (a LOT), we bikey on roads, we bikey on not-so-much roads. We bikey in the sun, in the rain, into cars, and near some trains. We bikey a little, and sometimes we bikey a lot.

We bikey for fun, for fitness, and for your mom. Many times, we bikey because... we CAN. If you're not into the bikey world yet, we want to encourage you to consider it. It's fun. It's your own personal convertible that gets infinity MPG. And there's lots of adventure to be had. Our blog will test our ability to encourage non-bikey people to bike. And we hope it will be a forum for bikey-for-fun people, too.

Kyle, Eric, Ben, and myself are all embarking on an epic bikey adventure in just two short weeks. We are going on our first ever bike tour. For those of you who may not be familiar with what this means, it's the equivalent to backpacking, but on bike. We are biking to a destination, sleeping, getting up the next day, and biking again to our next destination. For our first tour, we've decided to go the "credit card touring" route, where you sleep in motels instead of camping. Cuz who wants to set up camp and sleep on the ground after riding 60 miles? Uh... not me.

We will be leaving from Spokane on July 26th and biking across Idaho. At one point, we do a little dance in Montana. Then we turn around and head back along a different trail, making a big circle. We arrive back in Spokane on August 2nd.

So... here's where your part comes in. We would love it if you would follow us on our adventure! We will be posting blogs along the way about the trails, the towns, and the saddle sores. So tune in every day or two to see whether we met Scheffy of Scheffy's Motel and General Store, or if the trail of the Hiawatha is really as cool as everyone says, or if we ran out of toilet paper.

One more favor. And this one means more. While following us is cool and all, please please please pray for us on our trip. If we get stuck, we're in big trouble. If someone does something stupid like ride with no hands and crashes ((Ben)), or we run out of Purell, or have to use the snake bite kit, it would be unpleasant. I don't know what Kyle would do if we ran out of Purell...

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