Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stuck in a car

There are just some things that you never know about someone until you've spent SEVERAL hours in a car with them. For example, I always knew that Kim is narcoleptic when we drive anywhere, but I never knew Eric and Kyle's quirks.

Eric is pretty nondescript. He actually stops talking for hours at a time (I've always thought about doing that, but never had the courage to try). Kyle, on the other hand, has nothing better to do than focus on being OCD. I personally found the highlight of my trip to be Kyle's 'pursuit of the perfect picture of nothing.' Normally people take pictures of interesting things or maybe interesting people or something like that.
Not Kyle. Nope. He really wanted to capture nothing... as some sort of holy pilgrimage to show how desolate the landscape turned. At any given moment, he would be found complaining "oh, that's almost the perfect shot, but theres that building/car/tree in the way." Or "Ugh, there's too much greenery in this picture!!" This frustration led him to compulsively pick up his camera everytime I said "Look Kyle, there's nothing - take a picture!"
In doing so, of course, he missed the picture of the dinosaur skull. For the briefest of periods he was considering photoshopping the pictures, in order to show how desolate it really was.

For what it's worth, the drive was uneventful and safe. And nobody has run out of food...

Strangely, there is beauty to be had when you're picking up the camera to look for it. This first picture is mine, and the second is Kim's:

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